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For us, sustainability is not an afterthought. Our business was founded to be Australian and keep the textile industry in Australia alive. From the beginning, we have been committed to design and sell locally in the community where we live and work. In fact, all of our design, clothing, homewares, and most of our production are completed within 5 kms of our inner west studio in Leichhardt.

Australia ranks number two in the world for textile disposal-some is donated, some goes into landfill, according to Government News. And what materials you use matters, for example polyester can take over 200 years to decompose!

At Surface Art, we believe that everyone plays a part in fixing this issue and that small things have a big impact. The sustainability landscape in fashion is complex and can be confusing. Here's how we think we do our part:

Keeping it local
Surface Art is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and has been since the beginning. Some of the ways we do that are:

The people we work with - In starting the business 19 years ago, one of Moyra's guiding principles was about supporting local businesses. She carefully considers every collaborator she uses based on how they do business and their location-most being family-run businesses. Moyra is passionate about using local makers and manufacturers to preserve the textile industry in Australia, and she has long-term relationships with them.

Performing work in-house - Surface Art still makes most of their homeware, cutting of skirts, and sample ranges in their inner west studio.

Local design - All Surface Art's fabrics are designed in Australia. Moyra's designs are inspired by her everyday experiences. She is constantly taking in her environment and applying what she sees to her textiles.

Reduce and reuse
We are always thinking of ways we can do more with less and make the best use of the materials we have. Some of the key ways we do that are as follows:

Sell the majority of what we produce - This may sound simple, but producing the amount of clothing and fabric we need to sell is key to our strategy. We accurately produce only what we need. We sell our small fabric offcuts to home crafters and sewers at reduced prices to eliminate waste.

Upcycle remnants - For fabric pieces that are too small to be sold, we donate to Boomerang Bags so that our remnants can be made into reusable shopping bags.

Social responsibility and charitable donations - For clothing that is not sold, Surface Art donates to like-minded charitable organisations and directly sends clothing to communities where they are needed.

Use of natural fibres - Most of Surface Arts fabrics are made with natural fibres. There are many advantages to this for consumers, including the fact that they will effectively biodegrade if they are ever in a landfill.

Creating quality goods that stand the test of time
Moyra says that she is in the clothing industry, not the fashion industry. What she means by this is that she designs clothing, homewares, and fabric that is timeless and of high quality, not meant to be disposable. At Surface Art's core, their fabrics are created with a contemporary spin on timeless design. Some of ways they do this are:

Longevity of items -  Wearability, comfort and longevity are considered carefully as every piece is crafted. Surface Art is not about being on trend, but about creating timeless garments that can be loved and enjoyed for decades.

Design for all women - We create design that works for women in their 20s through their 80s. And, we design with all women in mind, creating clothing in sizes up to size 20. We truly want to have something for every woman.

Diversity of design - Moyra designs most of her own fabrics, but she has a special line that was inspired by her Mother's love of sewing and fabric, Theodora Jones. She carefully selects designs and fabrics sourced from overseas to create limited edition clothing and homeware ranges.